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How did Delta 8 become legal?

11th Mar 2022

Delta 8 THC is rapidly becoming the focal point of the cannabis industry. It popped up out of no where and became the most popular drug on the market overnight. After intensive research, we can positively say that Delta 8 THC is here to stay. But, where exactly did delta-8 come from, and how did it become legal?

The landmark moment in Delta 8 history happened two years ago, with the passing of the Hemp Farming Act of 2018. This bill removed hemp and low-Delta 9 THC cannabis from regulation under the Controlled Substances Act. This flung open the door for researchers to explore new THC strains. Delta-9 and cannabis stayed tightly regulated, and it remained up to each state to legalize or maintain the prohibition. But the less potent THC compounds, effectively everything that wasn’t Delta-9, became legal ... included our beloved Delta-8.

It took some very smart chemists a little over a year, but by late 2019, a legal Delta 8 THC was being created using a simple process to extract the compound from cannabis plants. It is a completely natural version of THC and has existed alongside the other cannabinoids for as long as it has been around. Up until recently, there was no reason to extract Delta-8 because it only exists in small amounts. With the passing of the 2018 Farm bill, chemists finally saw a viable reason to begin extracting it. The legalization of Delta-8 THC is now a huge movement in the cannabis industry.

Delta-8 is less potent than Delta 9 THC. Due to this, users attest to enjoying many of the same relaxing effects and sensations they do with Delta 9, but in a lighter version. The high is also reported to be much clearer and more relaxing, while have no anxiety or paranoia.

This makes it ideal for recreational users, medical users, and anyone who has had to steer away from Delta 9 due to the strong psychoactive effects.

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